Code doesn’t have to be confusing …

Just a quick post today on some code I found that was a little confusing and a little annoying, here is the function. //---------------------------------------------------------------------------- // SetFontName() -  // Desc: Changes the font face used for printing // params: The new face name IE Courier  // Returns: he old font face //---------------------------------------------------------------------------- LPCSTR CPrintClass::SetFontName(LPCSTR TheFontName) {   static char buffer[40];  if (TheFontName != NULL) {     m_PrintDescripter.FontName = TheFontName;   }   return buffer; } Looks legit, right, well let's delve into it.  The name of the function indicates that it will set … Continue reading Code doesn’t have to be confusing …


Left Behind (2014)

Left Behind (2014) is another bad movie choice by Nicolas Cage, he seems to be making a habit of this recently.  I sat through this with the missus who had already seen it and was astounded that anyone spent any money making this movie.  It also astounded me that anyone who had already seen it would … Continue reading Left Behind (2014)

A Michigan Winter – Such Fun.

For all my friends in Michigan who are suffering from the state of the roads my suggestion is to write to your state representatives for action. Here is a pro-forma letter that I just sent out to both my representatives. You can get the name and email addresses from this web site, just put in … Continue reading A Michigan Winter – Such Fun.

A cautionary tale

This post is a cautionary tale that hopefully helps someone in the future, unfortunately it has affected a friend of mine who is having to deal with the situation. So, what is this about.  This is all about getting the new iPhone 5S, this is what happened.  My friend was tempted by the new phone … Continue reading A cautionary tale

Windows 8.1 and the Start Button

So it's been a few weeks now with Windows 8.1 and the rampant commenting on its useful or uselessness has died down.  I can report that I have probably used the new button about 3 times and one of them was out of curiosity to see how it works. Anyone who has used Windows for … Continue reading Windows 8.1 and the Start Button

Useful iPhone Apps I actually use.

I am somewhat of a newbie when it comes to the iPhone, I got my first one last year (the 5) and I have been very happy with it so far.  One thing that fascinates me is the number of apps that are out there and the fact that some people have loads of them … Continue reading Useful iPhone Apps I actually use.

Where did Summer go?

Living in Michigan for many years now the weather has been a constant, it is very cold in the Winter, the Spring and Autumn are wonderful and the Summer is f**king hot and dry with the occasional thunderstorm.Well this year things are different, the weather has gone crazy, it's like we are still in Spring … Continue reading Where did Summer go?