If you use OneDrive you may (or may not) be aware of the changes that are coming soon that reduces your free allocation from 15GB (or 30GB of you have the camera roll turned on) down to 5GB. I can (sort of) understand why Microsoft is doing this because it costs them money to run OneDrive but it will be a shock to many users on January 2016 when you cannot add any more files to your folders if you have over 5GB of data. Files will be available for 1 year to give you time to remove them to a safe location before they are deleted (down to 5GB I presume).

However, there is something you can do before January 2016 to keep your allocation, all you need to do is to visit and agree to the terms and you will keep the storage that you already have (including the camera roll allocation).  Not ideal because they have changed the terms and conditions a little but they have let you keep what you already have.

This link is the post that Douglas Pearce (Group Program Manager, Microsoft) responded the question titled Give us back our storage which got a whopping 72,455 votes.  So it seems that Microsoft have (sort of) backed down to keep existing users happy but new users only get the 5GB allocation for free and have to pony up for more.


2 thoughts on “OneDrive

    1. I like it as much as Dropbox but the decision to reduce users allocation is not the best thing Microsoft have done and will not do them any favours.

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