Windows 10, second impressions

Even though everything seems fine right now there are a couple of things that are a little worrying.

The first is memory consumption, it seems that I was mistaken in assuming that it took about the same memory as Windows 7 Starter, my experience now is that we are using around 1.5GB when the machine is started, this is 0.5GB more. This may or may not be a problem as I tend to use only a few applications (mainly the browser and KeePass). I may try turning some things off like Cortana speech recognition, some research may be in order here.

Secondly I was getting the same issue with my Dropbox folder that I did with my OneDrive folder, i.e. the permissions were messed up and I had to add my Live account to allow Dropbox to fully sync everything.

Another minor annoyance is the Twitter app, this is pinned to the Start Menu and is a universal app with a Live Tile, pretty I thought. So, I can see it rolling around something (crazy to do with the Kardasians), I assumed that this was just picking up some default feed. To remedy this I opened the app and signed in, I thought that I’d see something on the Live Tile that pertained to one (or many) of feeds I subscribe to; well this is not the case, in fact I get nothing on the Live Tile, very strange.

Overall this has been a little frustrating but (as stated before) I think it is worth the effort .


2 thoughts on “Windows 10, second impressions

  1. I have to nod my head at some of the points you have made here. The CPU and Memory consumption with Windows 10 is all over the place. Could you have a look at my latest post about Windows 10 and comment what you think?

  2. I just had another OneDrive issue, a folder was not being updated, checking the folder showed the same problem as before, once I made the change OneDrive synced successfully. Now my job is to see if there is an automated way of ensuring that these settings have been applied to all my folders.

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