Left Behind (2014)

Left Behind (2014) is another bad movie choice by Nicolas Cage, he seems to be making a habit of this recently.  I sat through this with the missus who had already seen it and was astounded that anyone spent any money making this movie.  It also astounded me that anyone who had already seen it would want to sit through this drivel again.

There are spoilers below, not that it would make any difference.

The movie starts as a sort of disaster movie, think of the old Airport movies where the scenes are set with passengers being introduced with a little back story, the cheating husband pilot (with the air hostess no less), the reporter, and some other characters.  Then something happens, people disappear and bad things happen, riots in the streets, crazy stuff on the plane (of yeah, it flips between the plane and the city showing chaos for no reason).

Then Mr. Cage works it all out, they were taken by God to Heaven and we were Left Behind, dun dun dun!!!  Now what, did they come back, did we get a message confirming that they were taken by God, did anyone see the light.  No, the plane crash lands and people get off the plane on the slide, actually this was one of the funniest scenes a, Martin Klebba (a little person) who plays a dick in the movie gets kicked down the slide by the reporter, epic!

The bottom line was that nothing really happened and the people on the flight and in the city had no personality or anything that wanted you to care for them.  The disappearances were sort of an anti climax and apart from God took them nothing else was explained, I just didn’t care, well I did care because it is 1 hour 45 minutes that I’ll never get back.

This is definitely a movie that you should leave behind.

Egg rating: 2/10 for shear stupidity on my part for thinking that a Nicolas Cage movie could be any good these days.


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