Fixing a great picture …

Well I think it is a good picture, it is one of me from about 30 years ago. I recently found this negative in a packet along with the photographs, since I have been on a mission for the last couple of years to scan all my negatives this set was just another one on the list.

Anyway, this particular negative was damaged, I have seen this on a number of rolls over the years, it was probably due to the fact that the negatives were not put into protective sleeves like most of the others I had, not cool. I suppose it was my fault all those years ago but who would have thought that I wanted to scan this into the computer anyway, that was just science fiction back then.

So, I scan the negative and I get something that has great composition, lighting and a very hansom version of me back in my prime but the deterioration is horrendous. I decided that it warranted some work to put it right, I take a copy of the file and start working on it using PaintShop Pro X5, this journey will take me about 2 hours.

These are the before and after versions of the images.

Note these images are Copyright (C) Ergin Salih, 2014, All Rights Reserved.

Click on the images to zoom in, these versions are 50% of the actual size of the final images.  I think I could do a little more work on the image to get rid of some more spots but this is pretty good right now.  My next trick (experiment) is to play around with some colour filters and maybe some other interesting effects, I’ll keep you posted.

Copyright Ergin Salih 2014, All Rights Reserved
Original, notice the marks all over the image.    (Copyright (C) Ergin Salih 2014, All Rights Reserved)
Copyright Ergin Salih 2014, All Rights Reserved
Processed image, much better!   (Copyright (C) Ergin Salih 2014, All Rights Reserved)

Let me know what you think and whether you have any ideas on how to improve this image.




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