A Michigan Winter – Such Fun.

For all my friends in Michigan who are suffering from the state of the roads my suggestion is to write to your state representatives for action. Here is a pro-forma letter that I just sent out to both my representatives. You can get the name and email addresses from this web site, just put in your ZIP code (http://house.michigan.gov/mhrpublic/).

Here is the letter, have fun!
Dear representative <representatives name>,

I am writing to you to bring to your attention the proposal by the Governor to increase spending on the road in Michigan to bring them up to a higher standard than we are used to. As a constituent I would like to get your affirmation that you will vote against this measure.

I feel that improving the roads in Michigan would be detrimental to the wellbeing of the State in many ways. Firstly, the tire and auto repair businesses have seen a well-earned boom in business as people have had to get their vehicles repaired as they have driven over the numerous pot holes, as an example I visited a local tire repair shop recently which was full of people getting new tires and rims. Obviously more serious damage to vehicles will force people to replace their cars entirely giving a boost to the car companies.

Also, as the roads get worse this also improves road safety, especially near schools as drivers have to slow down to a crawl to navigate the roads to prevent them from damaging their cars too much. This will alleviate the need for road studies and extra police patrols around schools saving even more money for the State.

I see no benefit in spending a penny more on the roads, I would rather have an extra couple of dollars in my monthly paycheck rather than having high quality roads that the rest of the country are used to.

Finally, this also gives Michigan the honor of being bottom of the list of the 50 States in terms of the money allocated to roads and the disrepair of the said roads, something that any Michigander can be proud of!

Best regards

<your name and address>



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