Windows 8.1 and the Start Button

So it’s been a few weeks now with Windows 8.1 and the rampant commenting on its useful or uselessness has died down.  I can report that I have probably used the new button about 3 times and one of them was out of curiosity to see how it works.

Anyone who has used Windows for more than a couple of minutes realises that hitting the Windows button on the keyboard does the same thing and is probably much quicker if you are a keyboard person.  People need to get a life and get real when it comes to updates to user interfaces, just because you are used to it doesn’t mean that it is the best way of doing things, anyone remember command lines.

Before I get hate mail, I also realise that change is a tough thing so let’s commend Microsoft for giving people what they need (not really what they want) and take note that this is a step forward rather than a step back.



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