A cautionary tale

This post is a cautionary tale that hopefully helps someone in the future, unfortunately it has affected a friend of mine who is having to deal with the situation. So, what is this about.  This is all about getting the new iPhone 5S, this is what happened.  My friend was tempted by the new phone … Continue reading A cautionary tale


Windows 8.1 and the Start Button

So it's been a few weeks now with Windows 8.1 and the rampant commenting on its useful or uselessness has died down.  I can report that I have probably used the new button about 3 times and one of them was out of curiosity to see how it works. Anyone who has used Windows for … Continue reading Windows 8.1 and the Start Button

Pointless web sites (?)

I came across a couple of pointless web sites the other day, both serve no purpose other than making you laugh and waste time, they are as follows. http://pointerpointer.com and http://clickingbad.nullism.com/, I'll leave it to you to decide whether these are good, bad, or pointless.