Useful iPhone Apps I actually use.

I am somewhat of a newbie when it comes to the iPhone, I got my first one last year (the 5) and I have been very happy with it so far.  One thing that fascinates me is the number of apps that are out there and the fact that some people have loads of them installed on their device.  I went for the normal things like simple games, apps from the bank, credit card company etc, normal fare I feel as these really help out when you are away from the computer.

There are a couple of other miscellaneous apps that I find absolutely necessary to make my life easy and convenient, here is my list.

Adobe Reader : Why you may ask, well I had a manual for my camera in PDF format so I tried the in built reader and I also downloaded the Kindle reader which all handle PDF’s.  What was annoying with all these was the fact that they force you to view the whole page and switch between then one page at a time.  I like the continuous style you get with Adobe Reader on the PC which (sort of) treats the pages as one continuous document with no jumping between pages.  Documents are loaded quickly and you get history too, not bad.

DropBox : Makes sense really, I have most of the documents that I need access to here so I can open then with any app that supports the document/file type.  The interface is clean and it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it, essential.

SkyDrive : Well this made sense too for the same reason as above, the difference is that you get 7GB for free to start with (DropBox gives you less).  Again, the interface is clean, different to Dropbox, but nothing that would scare anyone.

MuPDF : Another PDF reader but this one also reads Microsoft XPS file, this works well with SkyDrive and DropBox.  All my bill payment confirmations are in XPS format so this is very handy.  Why did I choose to save them as XPS, well back in the day when I had Windows XP the only way to create PDFs of printed material was very clunky, creating XPS files was easy and the OS supported it, hence the choice.

IMDB : An absolute must for any movie fan (like yours truly), sometimes the interface holds you back but you can do most things with this, great for proving a friend (or loved one) wrong after a night out at the movies.

Google Authenticator : This app uses generates those crazy 6 digit codes that you are prompted for when you use 2 stage authentication, I have this setup for my Google and Microsoft account, great when you can’t get text messages (e.g. when you are abroard).

iRadio UK : This is an awesome Internet radio player, I grew up with Capital Radio FM in London during my 2 hour commute and I miss it, this not only allows you to listen to the station but you can record it for future playback.  The interface is a little clunky and I found a bug where you cannot add radio stations to the favourites list but apart from that it is very cool.  Connection time (over WiFi) is quick and you can also use it with your data plan but I’d advise against that unless you have an unlimited plan.

Alarmed ~ Reminders + Timers : A little more than the in built reminders application, has quite a few options but is easy to setup a new reminder.  I haven’t purchased the extras yet but I think I will because firstly I should pay for this (tut tut) and secondly the extras actually sound interesting and useful.

I have more apps but these are the ones I use most.



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