Windows 8.1, taking the plunge

A bit of a no-brainer really, Windows 8 is OK, it does what I want in that it runs the programs I use every day (browser, film scanner, Office, etc.) but it has a few (cough) rough edges that hopefully 8.1 will address.

I have a copy running on a machine in the office and have been impressed with the changes made to the Start Screen (sorry folks no start Menu), the Start Button has returned but it takes you to the Start Screen.  I can’t really comment on the other improvements because I don’t use that machine on a daily basis (it’s a test machine).

I am looking forward to some of the new versions of the apps (mail in particular), the ones that came with Windows 8 were very basic and lacked the spit and polish that you need these days.

The reviewers out there have been generally on the positive side but there is an undertow that they should have waited to released 8.1 and just skipped 8.0, this is very much like the Vista and Windows 7 thing.  My impression is that Windows 8 needed to go out otherwise Microsoft would have missed the boat by too big of a margin (some would rightly argue that they have already).  I saw Windows 8 as a way of getting things ready for 8.1 and beyond, infrastructure, programming tools, designs etc., all these things need to be put in place to enable the great stuff to be written.  The architecture of such a major paradigm shift is so important to put in place and get right that there was no way that anyone would be able to get both the experience and the infrastructure done in a single release.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on how this goes, it should be fun!


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