Useful iPhone Apps I actually use.

I am somewhat of a newbie when it comes to the iPhone, I got my first one last year (the 5) and I have been very happy with it so far.  One thing that fascinates me is the number of apps that are out there and the fact that some people have loads of them … Continue reading Useful iPhone Apps I actually use.


Windows 8.1, one week in

One week in and nothing major seems to have popped up with everything ticking over quite nicely.  I haven't taken advantage of any of the new (or updated) apps yet except for the calendar.  The scanning seems to be going well with no major issues with the SCSI card, scanner or the software, that is … Continue reading Windows 8.1, one week in

Windows 8.1, first impressions.

After taking the plunge and installing Windows 8.1 I was presented with some good things and some bad things.  The whole installation process required little interaction from me, just a password here and there and choosing some options.  One thing to be careful of is that (like Google) Microsoft are (by default) opting you into … Continue reading Windows 8.1, first impressions.

Windows 8.1, taking the plunge

A bit of a no-brainer really, Windows 8 is OK, it does what I want in that it runs the programs I use every day (browser, film scanner, Office, etc.) but it has a few (cough) rough edges that hopefully 8.1 will address. I have a copy running on a machine in the office and … Continue reading Windows 8.1, taking the plunge

Choices choices, too many choices?

I just read an article about choices people are presented with in products, the article Checkboxes that kill your product by Alex Limi is remarkable in that this is something that is so obvious but has not been addressed even today. You could ask the question "what is the problem with giving the user options?".  It sounds … Continue reading Choices choices, too many choices?

Preserving my 35mm negatives, my story.

Why? I have been an avid photographer since I was about 13 years old. I started with an old range finder camera that was pretty basic, it had a light meter and you had to adjust the shutter speed and aperture by hand. the term range finder indicates that you had 2 lenses, one for … Continue reading Preserving my 35mm negatives, my story.