Bad movies that are good (?)

If you have been looking at this blog recently you can see a trend in the sort of movies that I am a fan of; one of these styles is the bad movie that is good for all the wrong reasons, let me explain.

Most movies are serious things, maybe they are high art or just pop culture pulp but in either case the film maker had a purpose, to enlighten, to entertain, to put over an emotion etc.  Some are great, many are just OK and some are just terrible; sometimes the reason that a movie is great is not because of the cast or the amount of money spent on it but whether it hits a nerve with the public; if someone could work out what that was and bottle it they would rule the World.

TheRoomMovieSo, what makes a really bad move good (or even great), this is tough because it is something that you can’t really explain (although I am trying) but when you see it you will just know.  Take the master class of bad == good, The Room by Tommy Wiseau.  If you read IMDB and the Wikipedia page you can see that this movie was created as a serious study of peoples lives and how they intersect but what we have is a movie that is so badly acted, shot, a crazy script, numerous continuity errors that it seems like it would just disappear into oblivion and never be seen again.  What transpired is that it is so bad that it is funny, and when I mean funny I mean laugh out loud, side splitting and requiring extra oxygen to get through it.  Why?

My thought is that it is just trying to take itself too seriously and it just doesn’t pull it off and since everything is just plain wrong the flaws become ridiculous and you just have to laugh.  If you ever want to watch this movie make sure you go to a theatre (yes they still show this regularly over the country and elsewhere), and take spoons (you’ll understand when you get there).

Other movies of this ilk are anything by Chuck Norris, the man is a genius he seems to be able to get through all his movies with the same inane look on his face.  Again his movies are supposed to be action packed and serious stories about honour etc. but what you get is a series of cartoon like sequences where Chuck is just taking things too seriously.  Then you have the impossible stunts (not a bad thing) and the fact that all bad guys can’t hit the side of a barn with an automatic weapon at 2 feet whereas Chuck and his crew can hit the bollocks of a gnat at 500 yards.

Others that are worthy of a mention are.


That’s all I can think of at the moment but I am sure there are others that meet this criteria.  I’ll update this list as and when I find more or my memory comes back.



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