Sharknado (2013)

Sharknado on IMDB

ImageThis is one of those good bad movies that you will either love or hate, considering that I am doing a review for this you can probably work out that I loved it.  For those of you out there (under a rock) that do not know about this movie here is some history.  It was produced for the SyFy network in the States, it cost around $1 million (a pittance for a movie these days), it stars has-been actors of years gone by, the special effects are sub-par, the plot is silly going on stupid, the script is even worse and the acting wooden at best, and the characters are cartoon.  SyFy ran this movie 3 times in the US because of the response, it got very good ratings, something just clicked.

The basic premise is that there is a tornado off the coast of California (technically it’s typhoon if it’s in the Pacific but this is the least of the plot holes in the movie), this sucks up (drum roll) sharks which are deposited on the unsuspecting population of the city, then the fun begins.

Any one of these faults alone would make this movie a bomb and it would disappear into oblivion for no one to see or remember but the combination of everything turns this into a gem of a movie that just makes you laugh out loud.  Everything about the movie is formalistic and you can see (almost) everything coming, that is the whole is much much greater than the parts.

I had the pleasure of paying money to see this (a whopping $12.50) and it was worth every cent.  They organised a midnight showing across the country in select cinemas (theatres), there was only one place in Michigan showing it and it was local to me, so, how could I resist.  We went mob handed, 9 of us in total, the theatre was about 2 thirds full (not bad really) and the crowd was great; there was plenty of banter from the audience (mainly from me) and howls of laughter as the movie proceeded from one incredulous incident to the other.  There where times when I was gasping for oxygen and trying to stop myself from passing out with laughter!

Checking IMDB I see that they are doing a sequel [Sharknado 2 (2014)], it will be hard to top this one but I am sure these guys will pull out all the stops and come up with something worthy of my time.

Egg rating: 10/10


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