Where did Summer go?

Living in Michigan for many years now the weather has been a constant, it is very cold in the Winter, the Spring and Autumn are wonderful and the Summer is f**king hot and dry with the occasional thunderstorm.

Well this year things are different, the weather has gone crazy, it’s like we are still in Spring where there is rain every other day.  This is doing the lawn a world of good apart from Alex mowing the lawn once a week rather than once ever couple of weeks.  The plants are confused, they need the sun and the warmth along with the water, I can give them water but I cannot conjurer up the Sun!

This could be freak weather or it could be global warming, who knows, all I know is that at the moment it is not normal and it is starting to piss everyone off.  

On top of that my vegetable garden is not producing anything that I can eat at the moment, I can foresee everything coming at once and I’ll have a glut of food that I’ll have to give away (again).  The only thing that is thriving in my garden is the grass (?) and the apple trees, they have a lot of apples on them, so much that some of the branches are sagging, loads of apple pie to come.

Maybe it’ll get hotter in the coming weeks.


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