Cleaver Family Reunion (2013)

Cleaver Family Reunion (2013)

I was interested in this movie because my missus wanted to see it and is normally a good judge when it comes to these types of movies; how wrong she was!  It is a movie that is based around the trials and tribulations of an African American family when they get together to celebrate the birthday of the grandmother; so far so good.

Then the movie starts and you just want it to end.  The problem I had with this movie is that the characters are cartoon cut-outs of similar movies, the disenfranchised son living away from home, the well to do brother running for mayor, the quirky brother with the hot girlfriend, etc.

The thing that made me cringe was the quirky brother, an African American with a British accent, it was explained as a knock on the head that caused him to talk that way and no one could explain why (obviously the writer and director couldn’t either).

I kept waiting for something interesting to happen, nothing did, the acting was poor at best, the script was cheesy and the plot non-existent.  The big reveal at the end was interesting but that was not enough to save the movie for me.  Then it got worse, the “let me stand up and make a statement” phase began, wow, not only did this drag on but the reveals were stupid and contrived.

Don’t expect “Tyler Perry” quality here (even though some of his are not perfect), give this a wide berth.  Finally, the person who gave this a 10/10 on IMDB must be on drugs, mentally retarded or works for the movie studio (probably both then), or, they were watching another movie entirely.

Egg rating: 2/10


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