Where did Summer go?

Living in Michigan for many years now the weather has been a constant, it is very cold in the Winter, the Spring and Autumn are wonderful and the Summer is f**king hot and dry with the occasional thunderstorm.Well this year things are different, the weather has gone crazy, it's like we are still in Spring … Continue reading Where did Summer go?


The Wild Geese (1978)

The Wild Geese (1978) This is a blast from the past, I watched this recently on Netflix and thoroughly enjoyed it again; I remember seeing this in the cinema a long time ago. It is an overlooked classic that has some of the best British actors of the time in a gang busting movie set … Continue reading The Wild Geese (1978)

Mac, iOS, oh my …

It's been an interesting couple of weeks at work, we acquired an iMac and an iPad which we are going to use to try and write some automation software for iOS devices.  There are a lot of "solutions" out there that have some interesting capabilities but we are trying something different, taking what Apple provides … Continue reading Mac, iOS, oh my …

Cleaver Family Reunion (2013)

Cleaver Family Reunion (2013) I was interested in this movie because my missus wanted to see it and is normally a good judge when it comes to these types of movies; how wrong she was!  It is a movie that is based around the trials and tribulations of an African American family when they get … Continue reading Cleaver Family Reunion (2013)