Ghandi (1982)

Staring Ben Kingsley as  Mahatma Gandhi in a struggle against the British empire for independence.   Interestingly the cast is strewn with well respected British actors who give strong performances throughout.

This film gives an insight of the world during those times and the views and attitudes of the time.  A true epic in terms of production, story, performance which makes you feel humble just watching it.  What I liked about the film is that it did not give an idolized view of the subject matter, it is brutal in showing what actually happened even though it is not something that the Brits, Indians and Pakistanis really want to remember.

Arguably the best performance of Ben Kingsley’s life, he was born to play this part.

You MUST watch this, you can also read more about it on imdb.

Egg Rating: 9/10


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