Iron Man (2008)

A summer hit … yeah …

I was not too sure about this movie mainly because it stars Robert Downy Jr and it is a Marvel character that is unfamiliar to me, however, I was pleasantly surprised at the movie as a whole. The story is not too bad, the main character (??? Stark) is a ruthless arms dealer who is equally brilliant. Having been kidnapped by some terrorists he is instructed to make a weapon of mass destruction, he uses the materials and time to come up with Iron Man V1.0 which he uses to escape.

Back home …

He goes back to the US and starts building Iron Man V2.0 which is sleeker, faster and stronger than the first, I liked the scenes where the project goes wrong, Downy is perfect for these scenes because of his sarcastic attitude. Eventually he gets the suit working correctly and this is where the fun starts.

His side kick ..

Gweneth Paltrow makes a welcome appearance in this movie (and return to the big screen), she plays Stark’s butler and general dogsbody. Her obvious affection for Stark gives the movie that something special that wants you to believe that these people should be together.

The final battle (and special effects) …

The final battle is full of special effects that keep you glued to the screen, they have done a good job with the effects in general, sometimes they are over the top but hey, this is the Marvel world so what do you expect.

Bottom line …

A good action movie that deserves to be up there as the top movie of the summer, Downy and Paltrow work well together and there are enough twists and turns to keep you interested in the plot. Make a date for next summer for the sequel.


Overall rating: 9/10
Special effects: 9/10 (the best in a while)
Acting: 8/10 (par for the course)
Music: 8/10 (fine for this type of movie)
Where seen: Movie Theater
Perceived length: Short



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