Balls of Fury (2007)

What this is not …

Don’t expect anything that is meaningful or deep in this popcorn of a movie, the jokes are crass and over the top, the characters are over the top and the action (if that is what you call it) is puerile; stuff of the gods.

It’s a spoof, get over it …

One of the reasons I liked this is because it is (sort of) a spoof of all those crappy kung fu movies where the main character goes from being a bum to an enlightened world champ in the course of 90 minutes saving the world in the process.. This is the theory here but he is a ping-pong champ who has fallen from grace and he gets a chance to redeem himself.

So the plot revolves around the main character relearning his talent for ping-pong and getting into an illicit ping-pong championship on a remote island.

The characters …

The main character is Randy Daytona (played by Dan Fogler), I have never seen this dude before in anything but I like him, he is a fat ugly toad of a guy that has an innocent look on his face all the time throughout the film, makes me feel like an Adonis.

The best thing is that he plays it straight and makes you like him (even though he looks better in the dark).

Christopher Walken is the best …

The bad guy is Feng played by the ever weird and crazy Christopher Walken, I think that he has got to the stage in his career where he just plays himself because that what people expect. The one liners he comes out with are great (the one about sudden death is the best). My opinion is that you could have got rid of a few characters and still pissed yourself laughing looking at Christopher Walken.

Other notible characters …

The FBI agent Ernie Rodriquez is played by George Lopez who does a reasonable job but I expected more from him.

A chinese heavy Siu-Foo is played by the great Jason Scott Lee, in fact he uses quotes from the movie Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story that he actually said. It’s good to see him in a comedy role, he made me laugh, the part where he makes a bet with the main character for $5 and asks for change because he only wants to bet $4 is classic, the missus and my son missed it but I was rolling around with that line.

Bottom line …

I wouldn’t put this up there with Harold and Kumar go to White Castle but it is worthy of a look if you need to get out of it for an hour and a half. Some of the gags don’t really do that well and you have probably seen some of the better ones in the trailer but there is enough there to keep you amused.

The DVD is not too bad, the extras are pretty cool, don’t forget to see the one about the Ball Wrangler 🙂


Overall rating: 7/10 (For making me laugh)
Special effects:
Where seen:
DVD at home
Perceived length:



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