In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007)

OK, I’ll have to admit that I was looking forward to this movie, how could it miss, Jason Statham kicking butt and set it a mythical world of honor. The basic plot is that there are two bad guys (played by Matthew Lillard and Ray Liotta) who are trying to gain power from the king played by Burt Reynolds using troll type beings to do their evil bidding.

So the scene is set, Jason just wants to be left alone tending his turnips (Baldrick from Black Adder would be pleased) and working with his young son and hottie wife. All this tranquility comes to an end when the village is attacked, his son gets killed and his wife kidnapped.

So who is this farmer? Why is he such a good swordsman and a kick ass fighter? Will he be able to get his wife back and get revenge? Well all of this is explained as we go though the movie. The problem is that it seems to take ages to get to the interesting part of the plot that does the explaining. It is just too slow and unbelievable, don’t get me wrong you are rooting for Jason (note that I cannot remember his characters name!) and you know that he will prevail in the end.

The dialog is sketchy at best and the acting takes second place to action, pomp and circumstance and we are asked to believe that Burt Reynolds is a king! Supporting cast includes John Rhys-Davies and Ron Perlman who are along for the ride but add little to the plot. Claire Forlani as the farmers wife is pathetic and shows little emotion, Kristanna Loken (of Terminator fame) adds some interest in the forest with her band of merry women, she also seems to have access to a Wonderbra that distracts you from the plot (not a bad thing) šŸ™‚

As we get through the final reel we everything comes together and everyone gets what they deserve unfortunately this is the best part of the movie, the end!

While I sort of enjoyed seeing Jason doing what he does best (kicking butt) I felt that the production as a while was straining at the seams and everything was much too forced asking the viewer to enter the world of make believe that it did not explain adequately.

In hindsight I would leave this one on the shelf of your local video store.

Eggbox Rating: 4/10

Special effects: 6/10
Acting: 3/10
Music: 6/10
Where seen: DVD at home
Perceived length: Long



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