C++ Performance, should I care?

C++ std:sort is cool if you use it right.


Windows 10 Creators Update – Network Issues (again)

So, it's been a while since this update came out and I have only just had the pleasure (?) of getting it installed on my machine.  In fact this is the second time it has been installed on the machine because the first time caused some issues that forced me to revert it back to … Continue reading Windows 10 Creators Update – Network Issues (again)

Code doesn’t have to be confusing …

Just a quick post today on some code I found that was a little confusing and a little annoying, here is the function. //---------------------------------------------------------------------------- // SetFontName() -  // Desc: Changes the font face used for printing // params: The new face name IE Courier  // Returns: he old font face //---------------------------------------------------------------------------- LPCSTR CPrintClass::SetFontName(LPCSTR TheFontName) {   static char buffer[40];  if (TheFontName != NULL) {     m_PrintDescripter.FontName = TheFontName;   }   return buffer; } Looks legit, right, well let's delve into it.  The name of the function indicates that it will set … Continue reading Code doesn’t have to be confusing …

Bulgur Köfte (Cracked Wheat Kofte)

Here we go for another long and arduous cooking post, bulgur köfte is a delicacy that I remember all through my childhood and well into adulthood.  This is a Turkish dish but I think that is probably more Mediterranean or Middle Eastern, this recipe comes from what my mum remembers and some pointers from a few … Continue reading Bulgur Köfte (Cracked Wheat Kofte)

Scammers (or shall we just call them scum)

We have all heard about those stories where someone from a large software company calls you telling you that they are from M*******t Security and they have detected something wrong with your computer.  The tell tale signs are that the call comes from an unlisted number, is at odd hours (in my case Saturday afternoon) … Continue reading Scammers (or shall we just call them scum)


If you use OneDrive you may (or may not) be aware of the changes that are coming soon that reduces your free allocation from 15GB (or 30GB of you have the camera roll turned on) down to 5GB. I can (sort of) understand why Microsoft is doing this because it costs them money to run OneDrive … Continue reading OneDrive

Windows 10 Threshold 2, it’s OK

Threshold 2 was the code name for Windows 10 Version 1511 (or the November 2015 release). It is great to get a new version of Windows 10 on my machine but (as ever) there was a glitch that caused a little bit of work on my part. Essentially the issue that I experienced with Wi-Fi happened … Continue reading Windows 10 Threshold 2, it’s OK